Prescription Monitoring Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, please submit your questions through our Question Form or call (217) 524-1311

What is the PMPnow?
The PMPnow allows the seamless integration of PMP data into the hospital or clinic Electronic Health Record (EHR); eliminating the additional sign on to the PMP to search patient prescription history. Primarily, the PMPnow was developed in response to hospital emergency medicine providers' requests for faster access to a patient's controlled substance information. When a patient's Admission-Discharge-Transfer (ADT) information is entered into the EHR, a routine request is sent to the PMP web service (request-to-response time is between five and thirty seconds). PMP installed a secured web service which provides fast, automated access.
How secure is the connection?
The connection travels over a secure https web connection. The request and response have end to end encryption, and it is locked down by username and IP address.
How long will this connection take to implement into the EHR?
On average it takes a couple of weeks to program and implement. Some facilities integration was complete within a day.
What are the therapeutic benefits?
Preliminary reports indicate that PMP integration programs improve overall healthcare quality. Advanced knowledge of all controlled substance prescriptions appears to decrease drug-drug interactions, overdose, and other adverse drug reactions by allowing the treating provider to lower dosages or avoid certain medication completely. Physicians, APNs and PAs can utilize the information to make educated treatment decisions quickly. This connection also provides the clinician with additional information, which could possibly be contributing to a why a patient is not cooperating or incoherent.
What are the financial benefits?
The PMP estimates that the use of an automated PMP connection will reduce request time by three to five minutes; per patient look up. While the data to quantify time and resources varies at different organizations; patients can be effectively managed when abusers/misusers present themselves without clinically supported needs.
What is the cost to the hospital?
There are no fees from the PMP for this service. Your EHR vendor may charge to make the connection.
Who can use this connection?
The PMPnow can be used by anyone who is in direct treatment of patients; i.e. Doctors, APNs, PAs. RNs can view the data. Clerical office staff are not allowed to use the connection.
Is there someone who we can contact from another hospital or clinic that has this setup that we can talk to?
Yes. Contacts are available upon request.
How long will the PMP data be viewable on my EHR?
This is really left up to you. The data can be directly integrated into your EHR or retained some other way, i.e. PDF, in your EHR system.