About Us

Welcome to the Prescription Monitoring Program!

The PMP is an electronic tool that collects information on controlled substance prescriptions, schedules II, III, IV and V. This data is reported on a daily basis by retail pharmacies dispensing in Illinois. Prescribers and Dispensers of controlled substances are allowed to obtain a user ID and password to query their current or prospective patients.

The Mission of the PMP is to enhance a prescriber's and dispenser's capacity to review a patient's prescription history for therapeutic and clinical reasons and to assist in the effective treatment of patients seeking medical care. The PMP was authorized by the Illinois Controlled Substances Act (720 ILCS 570/316) and strictly adheres to HIPAA and all access, disclosure and confidentiality provisions of Illinois Law.

The website is to be used for the healthcare purpose only. According to the provisions of 720 ILCS 570/318, Law Enforcement and regulatory agencies seeking prescription information must submit a written request to the PMP administrator. Please submit requests to: The Prescription Monitoring Program.