Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program: PMPnow

The ILPMP is excited to announce that it has developed a service which allows a direct connection to a PMP user’s electronic health record (EHR) system.  This connection allows ILPMP data to be viewed within your EHR without the need to use the PMP website.  The ILPMP is currently connected to over 40 hospitals and clinic systems.
Here are some benefits to the automated connection:

  1. No username and passwords!
  2. More efficiency.  PMPnow can process a request in less than a second!
  3. Free!  PMPnow is free to set up and there are no fees to use it!
  4. The PMPnow meets stage 2 of Meaningful Use!

Cuurrently, modules for both Allscripts and EPIC have been developed and deoployed. These can be retrieved from your EHR Vendor. We are also actively working a Cerner module as well. Although your EHR may not have a module, it still can be connected.

Below are some helpul links to better explain the automated connection and help with its implimentation.

PMPnow Registration of Intrest
Frequently asked Questions
Meaningful Use Registration website
PMPnow Brochure
Contact Us
Public Act 100-0564 (Mandating use of PMPnow by 2021)