Advisory Committee

Statutory Charges

  1. Evaluate and recommend changes to the Illinois Controlled Substances Act [720 ILCS 570].
  2. Evaluate and recommend changes to the Administrative Rules regarding the ILPMP.
  3. Recommend inclusions of training materials for prescribers and dispensers regarding Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education programs.
  4. Review the contents of the Illinois Prescription Monitoring Program website ( to ensure that the contents are current at least on a semi-annual basis.
  5. Review opportunities for federal grants and other forms of funding to support projects to increase the number of EHRs integrating seamlessly into the ILPMP at least on a semi-annual basis.
  6. Review and prepare any communication to be sent to all registered users of the system relevant to prescribing and dispensing controlled substances at least on a semi-annual basis.


Meetings are open to the public as prescribed in the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

All meetings will be held virtually, 12 – 1:30 p.m. CST, via WebEx. The link for the meetings will be posted at least 48 hours before the meeting.

Next Meeting: 9/26/2023

Meeting Link: Click Here

The dates, agendas, and minutes of past meetings are below.

September 26

March 14
Agenda Minutes

December 13
Agenda Minutes
March 22
Agenda Minutes

August 31
Agenda Minutes
March 16
Agenda Minutes

November 06
Agenda Minutes

October 15
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July 16
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March 20
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December 19
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September 19
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June 20
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March 21
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December 20
Agenda Minutes
September 20
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June 21
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March 15
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December 21
September 21
Agenda Minutes
June 15
Agenda Minutes

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Committee Members

The Advisory Committee is comprised of 15 members, representing prescribers and dispensers. Please see below for the full list:

Member Name Organization/ Affiliation Term Expiration
Helga Brake, Pharm D Illinois Health and Hospital Association 2nd term 1/1/2024
William Campbell, DO* Health Solutions 2nd term 1/1/2023
Kenneth Candido, MD Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center 2nd term 1/1/2025
Ankur Dave, MD AMITA Health 1st term 1/1/2023
Raechel Ferry-Rooney, DNP, APRN, ANP-BC * University of Illinois Medical Center/Rush University College of Nursing Adult Health & Gerontology 2nd term 1/1/2024
Scott Glaser, MD* Pain Specialists of Greater Chicago 2nd term 1/1/2024
Shami Goyal, MD Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation/University of Illinois College of Medicine 2nd term 1/1/2023
Christopher Herndon, Pharm D* Southern Illinois University Edwardsville 2nd term 1/1/2025
Erica Ittner, OD* Illinois College of Optometry/Hawthorn Woods Family Eye Care/Illinois Eye Institute 1st term 1/1/2027
David Liebovitz, MD* Northwestern University 2nd term 1/1/2025
Ricki Loar, Ph.D., APRN, FPA Betty Jean Kerr Peoples Heath Center 1st term 1/1/2026
Garry Moreland, RPh* Moreland and Devitt Pharmacy 2nd term 1/1/2024
Mindy Sanders, PA* Springfield Clinic 2nd term 1/1/2025
Edward Segal, DDS* Edward H. Segal, DDS, LTD. 1st term 1/1/2024
Tran Tran, Pharm D., BCPS* Midwestern University, Chicago College of Pharmacy/RUSH University Medical Center. 1st term 1/1/2025

* Also a Peer Review Committee member

Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee is a subcommittee of the ILPMP Advisory Committee and is comprised of 10 members. Members may identify prescribers or dispensers who may be prescribing or dispensing outside the currently accepted medical standards of their professional practice and send the identified prescriber or dispenser a request for information regarding their prescribing or dispensing practices. Meetings are held at least bi-annually. A Peer Review Committee Annual Report is created.

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